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  • Here’s What You Need to Know About QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

    QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

    QuickBooks is a platform that fulfills all your accounting needs that too efficiently, systematically and error-free. One of the major features of QuickBooks is QuickBooks payroll. Some businessmen learn how important handling there books systematically the hard way. Whereas, Some invest in accounting software like QuickBooks from the start to minimize the loss. Below are the few benefits of using QuickBooks payroll.

    • Electronic transfer of the salaries can directly be done with the help of QuickBooks Payroll
    • State Taxes and Federal taxes can easily be calculated with the help of Payroll.
    • QuickBooks Payroll can easily be accessed through android phones, personal computers, and all IOS devices.
    • Syncing of employer data quickly and efficiently can be done with the help of QuickBooks Payroll.

    There are three main Payroll services offered by QuickBooks out of which we are going to discuss Payroll assist in detail.

    QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Service is a leading Payroll management system that QB currently has. There are many features that are of great help in the assisted service which is not offered in the basic and the Enhanced QuickBooks Payroll. Assisted payroll service of QuickBooks is a blend of all the necessary features required to run a business of any scale.

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    The starting price of QB assisted service is $99 per month which can increase based on the number of employees users have or the number of employees that have access to QuickBooks assisted service. Users can also avail discounts from the Intuit and can also get customized pricing depending on the needs of the user.

    This package has many more features than the basic and enhanced version altogether. QuickBooks assisted payroll service will take over all your accounting needs related to payroll management. And it will solely be responsible to meet all your payroll related needs.

    All kinds of tax forms, payments are well organized by the help of the QB Assisted Payroll system and are ready for you to send it directly to the account number of the concerned department or an organization. All the taxes of the employees are automatically entered and updated in the QuickBooks database. Users can easily deposit the entire amount with a single click. Year-end forms are also included in this QB package and they make sure the user never misses a deadline.

    Also, one of the major advantage that QuickBooks assist have over enhanced and the basic version is user does not have to review the tax files. This version is independent and does not require the user to check it again and again. This makes it unique and saves the user from a lot of trouble.

    Question: How QuickBooks Payroll Assist work?

    QuickBooks Payroll assisted is basically a management service that manages payroll and handles all the payroll taxes and filings for the user. With QB assisted payroll users can easily pay employees without any hustle.

    So, in order to pay your employees, all the users have to enter the employee’s first payday, then the user has to enter the hourly pay rate and the salaries of the employees. Even if the user does a mistake he does not have to worry, the user can update at any time.

    After, the hourly rate is entered QuickBooks instantly calculates the paycheck, and it shows all the deductions and taxes withheld.

    Then the user can either print the paychecks or can skip this step as all the employees are going to get the invoices online.

    When the payroll is completed the data is submitted to QuickBooks, and this is only one-time submission after this the QuickBooks will automatically manage all the tax payments and will file user’s tax forms on time.


    I hope that this blog has answered all your questions on how QuickBooks Assisted Payroll works in QuickBooks. Further, if you face any kind of problems feel free to call our QuickBooks customer support number 1.800.579.0391for the best solutions.

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