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  • QuickBooks Refresher as a Solution to Common QuickBooks Errors

    QuickBooks Refresher Tool

    QuickBooks has kept itself in the race of being the best accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses. Yet, it is possible for users to encounter certain errors while using the application. To counteract the common QuickBooks errors, Intuit has developed certain tools like QuickBooks Refresher helping resolve errors that might appear while you work on QuickBooks Desktop. In this blog, we cover the purpose of the QuickBooks refresher tool specifically designed to resolve errors appearing while opening QB Desktop on Windows.

    QuickBooks Refresher tool resolves the following:

    The following is a list of certain errors that can be removed using QuickBooks Refresher, but not limited to these.

    1. When QuickBooks Stopped Working or responding.
    2. The application quits unexpectedly seconds after opening it.
    3. QuickBooks responds sluggishly.
    4. QBRefresher can help you troubleshoot 6XXX series of errors like QuickBooks Error 6129, 0.
    5. QuickBooks installation errors that require repairing QuickBooks Desktop software.

    How to use the QB Refresher tool?

    • Follow the link and download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool.
    • Complete any ongoing task in QuickBooks and exit the application.
    • Open the downloads of your computer and double-click the qbrefresherv1.exe file.
    • Click Fix my QuickBooks! button.
    • Wait until the QBRefresher Progress window disappears.
    • Once the QBRefresher Tool Complete window appears with “Thank you for running the QBRefresher Tool!” message.
    • Click OK and open run QuickBooks again.

    With a detailed insight into the process of using QuickBooks Refresher Tool, we hope the QuickBooks desktop application works well. In case, the errors persist or any of the above steps cannot be followed for any reason you can call QuickBooks certified support team 1.800.579.0391 for help with the issue.

  • How to Rectify the QuickBooks Condense Data Error

    QuickBooks Condense Data Error

    With the coarse of time the company file grows and hampers with the normal working of the QuickBooks due to the high amount of data. The users then need to run the QuickBooks Condense Data Utility so as to reduce the company size and this will make sure that the application runs as smoothly as it was earlier. But, at the same time, QuickBooks Condense Data Error might occur during the process of condensing. The error might result because of improper knowledge of QuickBooks Desktop or the Windows operating system. The correct steps must be followed to troubleshoot QuickBooks condense data error or it might lead to the data loss.

    Types of QuickBooks Condense Data Error

    Multiple versions of condense data error might appear while running the QuickBooks Condense Data Utility, such as:

    • “QuickBooks encountered an error and was unable to successfully complete the condense process. Your company file has been restored to its original state.”
    • Not enough storage is available to complete this operation” error 8007000e
    • QuickBooks encountered a system error when trying to archive your current data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file as a result of this error.
    • Please check to make sure you have at least 395744870 bytes of free hard disk space and try to condense again.
    • Unable to run the QuickBooks Clean Up Company Data Utility

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    Reasons leading to Errors while condensing Data in QB

    Some of the reasons behind the occurrence of the error have been given below but are not limited only to these. It is an important step to recognize the actual cause of the error before moving to the troubleshooting steps.

    • The company file might be damaged or corrupt which can eventually result in data loss.
    • The system storage is not enough.
    • QuickBooks log file is damaged.
    • The company file is present on another computer in the network.
    • QuickBooks Desktop app or the condense data feature is not up-to-date.

    Here’s What You Need to Know About QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

    Steps to rectify QuickBooks Condense Data Error

    Solution 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor to repair the damaged company file.

    A detailed article on QuickBooks File Doctor will help you use the tool to repair the company file.

    Solution 2: Rectifying the negative entries in the QuickBooks company file

    • Move to the QuickBooks installation folder and open the QBWIN.LOG file.
    • Scroll down to the very bottom in the file and look for Error and Type of error in the text.
    • The text in the file will indicate the transaction and entries that are having a negative value or any other type of error.
    • Write down the invoice number and search the same invoice number in the company file.
    • Changes to the value of the transaction or the entry as required to correct the entries and save the file.
    • Condense the company file once again and if you get the same condense data error then follow the troubleshooting steps that follow.

    How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 179 with Ease

    Solution 3: Renaming QBWIN.LOG file

    • Find the QBWIN.LOG file in the QuickBooks folder present in the C drive.
    • Right-click and rename it by adding the suffix .OLD
    • Try the condensing process for the company file again.

    After the troubleshooting steps if you are unable to get rid of the QuickBooks Condense Data Error, consider calling 1.800.579.0391 for QuickBooks Desktop Support. The Intuit certified QuickBooks professionals can help you fix such type of errors with great ease.

  • Troubleshooting to solve QuickBooks Error 12057

    QuickBooks Error 12057

    QuickBooks, the accounting software with developer Intuit, has now and then proved its niche in the area of bookkeeping for small to mid-size business but specific errors in its features such as QuickBooks Error 12057 may pop up. These errors hamper the normal working of the software, and QB error 12057 occurs while updating the payroll or downloading the software update. QuickBooks payroll services make the process of paychecks, direct deposit payment options, etc. The blog aims at providing you with reasons as the error is not so common along with the steps to get it solved.

    QuickBooks Refresher as a Solution to Common QuickBooks Errors

    Reasons for Error 12057 When Downloading Payroll

    Getting Error 12057 While Updating Payroll? Uncommon but this error has certain reasons why it appears in the application. Listed below are the causes for Error Code 12057 in QuickBooks.

    • Failed connection with the remote server leading to difficulties while connecting to the internet.
    • Various internet connectivity issues like misconfigured Internet Explorer settings cause QuickBooks to display error 12057.
    • Firewall and Internet security settings block the connection and hamper it.
    • Failure of the winglet API that initializes internet networking protocols such as HTTPS or FTP can lead the error as well.
    • Incorrect SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Settings also triggers QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12057.
    • The date and time configured incorrectly in the system.
    • Outdated QuickBooks desktop.

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    Troubleshooting steps to QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12057

    With a general outlook on why users see QuickBooks Error Message 12057, listed below are some of the steps to solve this error of the QB payroll feature. 

    Method 1:

    • Press Windows + R and type Control Panel in the Run box.
    • Press Enter and select Network and Internet Option.
    • Click on the option of ‘Advanced connection settings.’
    • Now see if the Use SSL 3.0, and the Use SSL 2.0 are checked in the checkbox. 
    • Press on applying and then OK option
    • Now shutdown the QuickBooks Software.
    • Restart software and update QuickBooks Payroll Services.

    Method 2:

    • Open the Control Panel and select User Accounts
    • Check if your account is the admin account under Manage User accounts
    • If not so restart the computer and sign in with an admin account
    • Try updating the payroll.
    • There is an option to start QuickBooks as an administrator by right-clicking on the QuickBooks desktop icon and selecting Run as Administrator.

    Method 3:

    • Open the Connection setup from the Internet menu
    • Now confirm the network settings to manage the ‘System.’

    Following the above steps will help you with quick solutions to QuickBooks Error 12057 When Downloading Payroll. If the solutions still leave you with the same error. Call the accounting helpline at 1.800.579.0391 and talk to the payroll experts with years of experience in the error solutions.

  • Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12031 Swiftly

    QuickBooks is widely known to manage the accounting data of many small to mid-size businesses all over the world. Certain errors can interrupt the working of the application and which can lead to heavy data loss. One of the errors faced by users is QuickBooks Update Error 12031. This error might occur due to network time out, technical errors, firewall or internet causing barricade.

    The article would be discussing the common error of QuickBooks Update Error 12031. We hope this helps you to swiftly solve the issue and if it still baffles you at one point or the other call our accounting experts at 1.800.579.0391.

    Causes of QuickBooks Error 12031

    Let us have a glimpse of the root causes to the QuickBooks update error 12031 before we provide you step by step solution the same.

    • Internet Connection- The internet might at times work on alternate connections and this could lead to interfering with proper software working and further, as a result, lead to the QuickBooks Error 12031.
    • Applications installed to the computer like antivirus protection agents, firewalls, interfere with the QuickBooks download and block the connection.
    • Internet Explorer might not be the default browser or the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox may be cleared in internet explorer choices
    • If the server is taking too long to respond on a particular command and then causes the software to stop responding, that can also lead to QuickBooks Error 12031.

    A Complete Guide to Resolve QuickBooks PS107 Error

    Steps To fix QuickBooks Error Code 12031

    Solution 1:

    1. From help, select Internet connection setup
    2. Click to choose the option of “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the internet”.
    3. Click the next button and then done.
    4. Try to update once more.

    Solution 2:

    1. Click on Update QuickBooks which is available under the QuickBooks Desktop help tab.
    2. Hit the get updates after clicking on reset updates.
    3. If you still encounter the error of QuickBooks update error 12031, then double-check to see if your internet connection is well established.

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    Solution 3:

    1. Click Windows + R keys together on your keyboard and then type MSConfig.
    2. Press enter or Ok on your keyboard to open up Windows System Configuration Window.
    3. You need to unmark the Safe Boot Option available under the Boot Options from the Boot tab.
    4. Save the above changes by hitting OK.
    5. Restart the computer and it will boot the system in the safe mode.
    6. Once the system starts in the safe mode, run the payroll update once again.

    There might be cases where QuickBooks Error 12031 message still remains unresolved even after the above troubleshooting steps. Don’t leave the hope, the expert technical team at 1.800.579.0391 provides on-call assistance to any such error.

  • A Complete Guide to Resolve QuickBooks PS107 Error

    QuickBooks PS107 Error

    QuickBooks is an efficient bookkeeping software that is developed by Intuit, which helps organizations of all sizes to handle company finances. Handling multiple data files can sometimes cause errors which can be most of the times solved easily. When QuickBooks  ps107 error happens a message “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable(PS107)” pops up on the screen. Generally, this QuickBooks error occurs when a user is downloading payroll updates or installing it.

    The article provides troubleshooting into solving the QuickBooks PS107 error. Still, there might be some steps that might be best understood by the help of a technical expert. To get the expert guidance call our helpline on 1.800.579.0391.

    What caused QuickBooks ps107 Error

    Certain reasons why the QuickBooks caused this glitch and displayed the “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable(PS107)” message is listed below:

    1. The Intuit or your host server might be down
    2. The outdated payroll tax table and QuickBooks payroll error additionally can also be a reason that triggered the error.
    3. Involvement of the third party which the intuit considers as unsafe and piece it inside and out.
    4. A damaged file present in the QB application
    5. The old form of Finance programming bolsters the early forms of finance as they produce the new one.

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    Solve The QuickBooks ps107 error with these simple solutions

    Solution 1:

    • Open the ‘Run’ Command on the keyboard by pressing the CTRL+R keys.
    • Now type MSConfig and hit enter.
    • From the General tab, choose ‘Selective startup, Load system services, & load startup items.’
    • After this click on ‘The services.’
    • Select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and press on ‘Disable
    • Click to erase ‘ Hide Microsoft services’
    • Now select the services and make sure that the ‘Windows Installer’ checkbox is marked i.e. checked.
    • Now select and press OK, if it is not there then go to the system configuration window.
    • Now just ‘Restart your computer.’
    • You will be able to install, uninstall or reinstall QB using the clean install.

    Solution 2:

    • Use the payroll update CD, insert it and then open up the “Get Payroll updates” window
    • For the QuickBooks Pro and Premier users, they have to select Employees and click on “Get Payroll Updates
    • If you are asked to locate the dat or update3.dat file then do the same
    • Click on Browse
    • From the Install From the window, click browse and select the CD drive from the Look in a drop-down list
    • You need be asked to choose from dat or update3.dat in the payroll update disk and then click on Open
    • Click on OK
    • If the error still persists, then uninstall and execute a clean QuickBooks software in selective startup mode.

    The above solutions are aimed to get you through the QuickBooks Error PS107, but even if you find yourself stuck after these troubleshooting steps. You can contact Accounting Helpline at 1.800.579.0391.

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